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My first novel, “Listen to my Heart – An Adult Fairy Tale” is on track to be published on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats in October. The Kindle version will sell for about $3 and the paperback version will be $10. The paperback version will look like this:

Paperback Edition

Amazon is now the world’s largest publisher. If I were to submit the manuscript to one of the legacy publishers like Penguin Random House, chances are good that I’d get a polite rejection letter. The truth is, Amazon will publish your book. In fact, they make it easy to submit a manuscript and publish it in Kindle and paperback formats. If you buy the paperback version, an amazing computerized laser printing and binding machine will print and bind a single copy, send it to you, and still make a profit doing it. If you have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can download the free Kindle App and read this book in digital format. I should caution you that Kindle removes all formatting and the result is quite a few hyphens at the ends of lines.

The novel is a love story, set in the Prospect Heights area of Brooklyn in 2030, where everybody gets around in self-driving cars. It’s a fairy tale for adults, considering that there are a couple of love scenes.

The princess in this fairy tale is Tamzin Crane, an orphaned heiress who has a curse that forces her to return to her brownstone every four hours or risk death. Raised in a bubble by wealthy and overly-protective parents, they convinced her that any man she might fall in love with will run away when learning of her curse.

The prince is Mitch Franklin, a nationally honored war hero who works as a maintenance tech. He has a curse too, panic attacks caused by loud noises. Mitch grew up in foster homes and never had a family, never had anyone who loved him.

The first chapter opens with Mitch fixing a leak in Tamzin’s kitchen, they both feel an instant attraction to each other. A nearby explosion triggers Mitch into a panic attack right in front of Tamzin. Her response to help him is a bit of a surprise, but as you learn about their backgrounds, it will make perfect sense.

There are other characters, of course. Renny Abermule, who is a lesbian,  is Tamzin’s best friend. Sara Lagunas is a beleaguered ER nurse facing eviction. Ryan Krupp is Tamzin’s kindly doctor. Faye Dresser is a policewoman who appears in quite a few scenes. There are villains too, such as a Sinaloa Cartel drug gang, Russian mobsters, and a greedy hedge fund billionaire, Desmond Sparling, and his nasty trophy wife, Celestia.

Mitch and Tamzin fall deeper and deeper in love as the story progresses but Tamzin just can’t bring herself to share with Mitch what her dilemma is. It all ends on Christmas Eve where Tamzin gives him the most incredible Christmas gift ever.

Yes, since this is a fairytale romance, it does have a happy ending. If you love romance and have an open mind, you just might like this story.

Cheers, Jim

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