Paperback Now Available

My novel, “Listen To My Heart – An Adult Fairy Tale” is now available in Paperback format for $9.99 on Amazon.

You can find it easily by going to Amazon Books and entering the simple search term:

                          james p lynch listen to my heart

If you click on the paperback version, you will see this:

Listen to my heart Amazon Paperback Posting

The Kindle digital version ($2.99) is available right now for pre-order, currently scheduled for an October 24 release.

Once again, go to Amazon Books and enter this search term:

                                   james p lynch listen to my heart

Listen to my heart Amazon Kindle Posting

Obviously, the Kindle version is a better deal financially. Kindle removes all formatting so the text has a lot of hyphens at the end of lines (still a pleasure to read).

If you liked this Christmas love story, I’d appreciate a heartfelt review entered on the Amazon page for my book.





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