Listen To My Heart – Live Today On Kindle

Wednesday, October 24th – Today my novel “Listen To My Heart – An Adult Fairy Tale” goes live on Kindle. You can buy the digital copy for just $2.99 right now. If you liked it, a 5-star rating on Amazon will help move me up in the search rankings.

Listen to my heart ebook

Don’t have a Kindle Device? Not a problem. You can download the free Kindle App for all smartphones, all tablet computers (iPad, for example), and all laptops and PC desktop computers (Dell PCs, Apple iMac PCs, and so on).

You must have an Amazon account to use the Kindle application. My Kindle/Amazon deducts from my bank account. You can specify a credit card, if desired. To have Amazon/Kindle on your smartphone or Tablet gives you access to millions of books, including my romantic fiction novel. Happy Reading!

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