My Book Is Free For Christmas!

As a Christmas gift for my family and friends (plus friends I hope to make), my love story “Listen To My Heart – An Adult Fairy Tale” will be free on Kindle from Thursday, December 20th through Monday, December 24th.

Just go the book’s Amazon page on those days and you’ll see that the Kindle version of the book is FREE! Here’s the direct link:  Listen To My Heart Book

“I don’t have a Kindle device” you say. Not a problem, you can get a free Kindle app for every smartphone, every tablet (iPhones, Google phones, Samsungs, iPads, everything). Just go to your app store and search for Kindle. You can download it for free. Here’s what the book looks like on my iPhone. It’s even better on a iPad (you do need an Amazon account).


So give yourself a Christmas gift this year (it’s FREE). Buy yourself a nice Christmas love story told as an adult fairy tale; there’s a Princess (Tamzin) with a curse and a Prince (Mitch) with his own curse. Their first meeting in Chapter One will make you want to find out what happens as they become friends, allies, and eventually lovers. You’ll be cheering for them in every chapter. There’s some great reviews on the Amazon site right now.

Save the Date:   Thursday Dec 20  ——–  Monday Dec 24 (Christmas Eve)




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