Trump Murder Spree Continues

This is the face of death during the Trump Administration. His name is Patrick Crusius, 21 years-old, and he’s using a consumer version of the AK-47 assault rifle to kill 20 people in El Paso, Texas yesterday (and wound 26).

El Paso Shooter

Just before he started his rampage, he published a manifesto online saying that he was doing this to stop illegal immigration from our southern border diluting our Causasian gene pool, or words to that effect. Where did he get such ideas?

Here’s President Trump, at a typical MAGA hate fest rally in northern Florida.

In the video, Trump is complaining that he can’t use guns to stop the asylum seekers arriving at our southern border. Somebody in the crowd shouts “Shoot Them,” and Trump laughs at the comment.

There’s more, of course. Last night, another shooter armed with an assault weapon, high-caliber magazines, and body armor opened fire at a bar in Dayton, Ohio. Fortunately, there were Dayton cops on the scene and they killed him in one minute. Still, the killer was able to wax 9 people and injure 26 (in one minute). We don’t know his motivation, but Trump has weaponized the crazies among us.

This is now on him, President Trump. Keep preaching hate and stupid people will believe you. The worst of them will march into a gun store, and purchase an assault rifle and ammo. They’ll drive to a shopping mall, big box store, movie theater, or entertainment district and start shooting.

All of you that voted for this monster to get a tax cut, put it to the liberals, maintain white supremacy, stop abortions, or whatever, you share in Trump’s guilt. Remember that the next time you go out for donuts – you’re now a target!

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