Review of Delia Rising – A Ballet in Three Acts

Delia Review Author
Janette DeFelice

Dr. Janette DeFelice is a 21st century Renaissance woman. She has an MD degree, a Masters in Humanities, A Bachelor’s in Political Science, and for a while was a professional ballet dancer. Now a mother of 9-year-old twins, she has directed her creative energies towards writing. I’ve been one of her loyal Twitter followers.

Her first novel, “Delia Rising – A Ballet in Three Acts” is a tour de force into the world of ballet dancers. It’s about the stage door mothers that get them there and the predators that beleaguer them when they arrive at the dance company. While she sprinkles in a lot of ballet jargon, do what I did – assume she’s talking about some twirling. The underlying theme of the book is the mistakes we make in our lives and our compulsion to try to steer our children away from them.

I wrote her a nice five-star review on Amazon. Looks like she appreciated it.

Delia Review

You can buy her novel from Amazon (Paperback or Kindle) here:

Delia Rising – A Ballet In Three Acts








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