Everybody Down!

This is Trump’s America, a dystopian shooting gallery where we are now the targets. Yesterday’s mass shooting was in Texas where a simple traffic stop escalated into a John Wick movie. The shooter had a assault rifle and led police on a ten mile chase through Odessa, Texas before being killed near a movie theater. The killer sprayed shots indiscriminately on civilians as he ran from the police, killing seven and wounding 21. Included in the injured was a 17 month-old infant in a car seat who was hit in the mouth, knocking her teeth out.

This video was shot by someone who was in the line of fire, sobbing in fear as the shots rang out.

What this woman experienced is coming to your town next.

Who’s responsible for this mass shooting surge? To me, the culprits are glaringly obvious.

  1. President Trump, who has promoted racial division and hatred in his speeches and tweets.
  2. The NRA, who have resisted any form of legislation on guns.
  3. Republicans, who have been bought off by the NRA and look the other way in the face of Trump’s hate-mongering because he got them a tax cut for the rich.
  4. Fox New,s who have promoted hate and conspiracy theories on television for forty years.
  5. All the idiots in red MAGA hats cheering Trump’s raging hatred.

There is only one way to change our violent country – one party rule. Vote the Republicans out, from dog catcher to President. Vote them all out. Ditch the Senate filibuster rule, thus restoring true democracy to our government. First order of business, outlaw all assault rifles, with no exceptions or grandfathering.

That would be a good start.

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