My Daughter, The Entrepreneur

Liz Video
Liz Lynch Colosimo

My daughter, Elizabeth Lynch Colosimo, finds herself in a situation that so many of us can relate to, in these days of COVID-19. You wake up one day, and everything has changed.

She’s been furloughed from her marketing job, and it may never return.

She has a son who just graduated from High School, and two younger sons still in elementary school.

She’s been homeschooling the two younger boys, and that may continue well into the Fall. In other words, there’s no respite from the daily child care.

So, Liz is going to apply her marketing skills to reselling things on eBay and Amazon. Best yet, she’s going to publish a series of videos describing how she will do it.

I love both of my children dearly. If you watch the warmth and intelligence Liz projects in these videos, you’ll see why.

Can You Really Flip Items On eBay And Make An Income???






















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