Criminal Negligence

Last Tuesday’s Presidential Debate at Case Western University was hosted by the The Commission on Presidential Debates  and the Cleveland Clinic, one of the nation’s finest hospitals. The established rules were simple and clear: Trump and Biden would not wear masks but would be separated on stage a safe distance, everybody else must wear masks.

Trump’s family entered the hall wearing masks, but brazenly removed them as soon as they sat down. They kept their masks off for the rest of the event. Below is a photograph of the Trump family onstage after the event.

Trump Family at Debate
Trump Family After the Debate

Vice President Biden’s wife, Jill, kept her mask on throughout. The photograph below shows Dr. Jill Biden wearing her mask, just as the Cleveland Clinic had requested.

Debate stage
After the Debate, Jill Biden Wears Her Mask

Between Tuesday and today (Friday), President Trump kept a busy schedule, campaigning at events where he and his MAGA supporters, crowded together in airplane hangers, refused to wear masks. Trump continued to publicly  mock the wearing of masks, claiming that the COVID-19 pandemic was just about over.

This morning (Friday) we awoke to this tweet.

Trump COVID-19 Tweet

Of course, the discussion all day on the news channels will be about who is potentially infected in the White House and beyond. Trump’s adviser Hope Hicks has been singled out as the Typhoid Mary of this saga. She became ill on Air Force One Wednesday evening and was immediately quarantined. Still, President Trump traveled to campaign events on Thursday, knowing that he might be infected.

The next few days will be a rather grisly death watch as we wait to see who else this foolish Trump family and their sycophants managed to infect.

Let me say at the outset that I wish President Trump and the First Lady a speedy and complete recovery. They will be getting the best medical care in the United States. 

That said, we’ve seen all we need. This campaign is over. The debates are over. It’s time to stop talking about Trump and vote. My absentee ballot arrives in my mail this afternoon.

Sample Ballot

To me, voting the Trump family out of the government is now imperative. Donald J Trump disqualified himself for another term due to his criminal negligence regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

He knew how dangerous it was in late January. Bob Woodward has tapes of him admitting this: that it was an airborne virus, that it kills 4 out of 100 infected, that even children may be vulnerable, that everybody should be wearing masks.

Yet, he lied to the American people in public, and mocked the wearing of face masks. We have all seen the videos of  idiotic MAGA types having toddler melt-downs when asked to leave stores that require wearing of masks. Worse yet, Trump and his minions never practiced even the slightest infection control during the summer.

Now all these people in the White House and the Republican Senate and House are looking at each other today, wondering if they will end up in the four out of a hundred group that will die from this disease.

The government has completely failed us. Trump has completely failed us, in more ways that I can describe this morning. We have to vote Trump and his family out of the government. We have to vote all his Republican enablers in the House and Senate out, every damn one of them – no exceptions.

Job one is to put a man of decency and experience into the Oval Office, and that would be Joe Biden. Sure, all our taxes will have to go up; it will take decades to repair the damage Trump has done to our country, but I know what I’m going to do.

Vote that criminally negligent Donald Trump out of the government.



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