Trump Impeachment, Part 2

Donald Trump Whipping the Crowd into a Frenzy on January 6, 2021

Disgraced former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial begins today. I’m a realist; he’s going to be acquitted again in the Senate. I’m not OK with this, but I won’t be disappointed.

The situation is kind of like my beloved Buffalo Bills. I knew that the thuggish Kansas City Chiefs would eventually prevail and win the game two weeks ago. But I also realized that the Chiefs would get their comeuppance someday. Karma’s a bitch. It came Sunday night at the hands of football’s most skilled and successful quarterback, Tom Brady, and an inspired team who chased the Kansas City quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, all over the field.

Trump is guilty of treason (trying to overthrow the government). The evidence is overwhelming. He incited a riot. He urged a mob to attack the capitol and stop the usually perfunctory tabulation of the Electoral College votes. Below is an image of them swarming the Capitol building, looking to hang Vice President Pence, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and anybody else that was chastised daily by Fox News.

Trump Supporters Looking to Kill Mike Pence and others.

As former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said on January 10th:

“I think if inciting to insurrection isn’t [an impeachable offense], I don’t really know what it is.”

So I expect the Republicans (most of them traitors) to say. “Why are we bothering with this? Trump is out-of-office,” or resort to a laughable technicality like “He didn’t exactly say ‘Go Kill Mike Pence.'”

No, this impeachment trial is for the history books. Trump is the worst President ever elected in the United States, hands down. He will be the only President impeached twice. Like Lady Macbeth’s bloodstained hand, two impeachments are a stain that cannot be erased. The Republican Senators who vote to acquit will be seen by historians as the unprincipled and traitorous fools who hastened the end of the Republican Party.

And to all you people who bought MAGA hats, attended Trump rallies, and then voted for this liar, you’re now circling the drain as history flushes Trumpism down the toilet.

Enjoy the ride, fools and traitors!

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