Profiles in Cowardice

So, Trump was acquitted.

43 Republicans voted not guilty. The evidence against Trump was overwhelming. The mob, attacking the Capitol on January 6th and egged on by Trump, intended to kill any Senators and Congress Members attempting to do their duty and count the Electoral College votes.

So, why would anybody give a pass to the man who encouraged a violent mob to attack them?

The answer is simple: abject greed. The Senators love their vaunted position, the staff that comes with it, the PAC money, and the bribes from the rich to keep them in their seats.

Both of my Florida Senators voted “Not Guilty.” Senator Rick Scott, the giga-criminal who stole nearly a billion dollars from the Government in a Medicare Fraud scheme, is now one of the leaders of the Republican Sedition Caucus. Senator Marco Rubio has the spine of a jellyfish and the taint of hypocrisy that will never wash away.

These 43 Republicans are saying that your vote doesn’t count. If they don’t like the election result, they claim the right to simply overturn the election, by violence if necessary.

If you you voted for these 43 Republicans, or intend to vote for them in the future, you share in their treason.

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