New Book Description

Paperback Book.jpg

I modified my Amazon book description to make it more like a sales pitch.


Looking for a good Christmas love story? This novel told as a modern fairy tale might just be for you.

Tamzin, a beautiful orphaned heiress living in 2030 Brooklyn, meets honored war hero Mitch when he fixes a leak in her kitchen. They are immediately attracted to one another, but a nearby explosion reveals his secret curse – panic attacks, an after-effect from the war in Somalia. Her effort to help him through the panic episode is surprising, but when he comes back to reality, this Thanksgiving to Christmas romance is off to the races. Tamzin has a secret curse too, a medical condition that forces her to return to her brownstone every four hours, something she is afraid to share with Mitch.

Finding that Mitch was raised in foster homes, never mistreated but never loved, Tamzin sets out trying to help him. Mitch, in turn, becomes her protector, rescuing her from drug gangs, Russian mobsters, and a greedy Wall Street hedge fund manager and his insufferable trophy wife. 

Their love for one another grows in every chapter, with moments of danger, good friends, her quest to be self-sufficient, and other surprises. There’s a couple of love scenes, so this book is not for children.

You’ll be rooting for these two lovers all the way to its conclusion on a snowy Christmas night.

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